Website & Blog Images (2)Hello, I’m JuwanaLynn! I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and in 1998, I relocated to Atlanta, GA. I have lived in a suburb of the city ever since. During my tenure as a Human Resources Professional and manager, I discovered that I excel at helping people grow in personal satisfaction, relationships, career and spirituality. In 2009, I combined my personal and professional experiences with the professional life coach training I obtained from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute to launch my private coaching and mentoring practice. Since, I have helped over a hundred people live more meaningful, happy lives. In 2012, I added Professional Speaker to my resumé.

Currently, I serve as a trusted Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor to a diverse group of men and women. I offer individual services as well as online and in-person workshops, seminars and events. I believe that when a person is free from fear, oppression, low self-worth, unforgiveness, negativity and all that tears at the soul, they are free to flourish.   

In addition, I am a community advocate for healthy teen development. I have sponsored and presented for Girl Scouts of Atlanta, Piedmont Library Systems and other teen-focused organizations. I’ve been a repeat guest on the television show Talk of The Town. My published work is entitled, “12 Tips for Talking to Teens: Strategies To Get More Out of Your Parent-Teen Relationship”.

I also operate a nonprofit organization called Free to Flourish. The goal of F2F is to give women the space to dream and teens the room to grow. Through the organization, I host a signature event called No Judgment: Girls’ Night Out With A Twist, which allows women the opportunity to engage in open, honest conversations about funny, embarrassing, tragic and even light-hearted situations.

I am an active member of Victory World Church where I serve in several ministries. When I am not working or ministering, I enjoy spending quiet time in the park or playtime at one of Atlanta’s many attractions. During football season, I camp out in front of the television most Sundays, Monday nights, Thursday nights and Saturdays. I’m definitely a true fan! My favorite way to relax after a long day is to listen to instrumental music while indulging in a bowl of ice cream and cake. For me, the combo goes together like peanut butter and jelly or red beans and rice (shout out to NOLA)!