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To Juwana Jackson (my friend and mentor) and countless others that fearlessly spoke the truth of God and demonstrated such compassion to me. Your tireless efforts were not in vain. (Acknowledgement from her book, Nuggets of Truth)

Naifa White

I am SO grateful for you and who you have been to me these last 6 months! Thank you for every encouraging word, wise counsel, prayer and laughter you have given me. God has truly used you to be the catalyst in my life! For that, I will always be thankful. (Prior to cross-country relocation)

Mikal Tecle

Everyone’s desire is to find someone who just gets them. Someone who understands everything they are going through and how it really makes them feel. Until we finally realize that that someone is Jesus Christ, we search for someone on earth to point us in the right direction. Juwana Lynn is my someone. Although, she … More Tamunosa Abbey

Tamunosa Abbey

Juwana, you have been very instrumental in helping me realize the true purpose of God’s plan for my life. Because of your knowledge and deep spiritual connection, you’ve helped me start a path to becoming a better man, husband and father. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge you have shared with me. I am … More Willie Hampton

Willie Hampton


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